Lombija Today

A test of endurance and stamina at the winding and hidden staircase leading to the African Savannah and a kilometer zip line and gondolas.

Tha Badjaw Restaurant on stilts overlooking the Aldabra Garden can fill your gastronomic delights with its bounty from the sea.

Take this open-air staircase leading to Scoop and Lick Station to quench your thirst.

Caressed by rows of palm trees, the Zoological, Botanical and Heritage Administrative Office nestles quietly in the background.

Looking forward to a relaxed and fine dining experience, take this entrance leading to La Pazetta.

The view deck at Crocodile Avenue offers a commanding discovery of 23 species.

A friendly and accommodating staff at the Guest Information and Assistance Building will always be ready to give you a helping hand.

Let the staff at the Security and Ticketing Building handle your every need during the stay.

The exits/ facade of the Philippine Shoppe, a 2,400-square meter facility for souvenirs and other mementos.

All in one roof: The Library, the Audio-Visual Room at the 2nd floor, the Pet Hospital and Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the Hatchery and the Brooder Room on the ground floor.

Let your eyes feast on 110 species of adorable freshwater turtles at the viewing area of these canopies.

Jutting out amidst a lush vegetation, the Museo de Lombija, one of the park's top attractions, is the repository of a vast collection of paintings, blue and white porcelain, philately, numismatics, religious icons both wooden and ivory, Philippine ancient potteries, furniture and furnishings representing the country's evolution of the Filipino heritage.

Water fowls share a common habitat with 24 heads of Aldabra, the biggest tortoise in their riot of colors in this grazing garden.

You can have a retrospect and deep meditation at the Garden and Gazebos of the 12 Apostles, then proceed via the four staircases to the Chapel of Our Lady of Nueva Valencia ( Our Lady of Sorrows) rising majestically on a hilltop.

Your afternoon and evening breathers will never be the same again when you have coffee breaks and grilled specialties in the series of gazebos overlooking the African Savannah and the kilometer-long zip line and gondolas.

An idyllic top view of the Koi Pond with a Japanese flower-vase inspired bridge.

The Macaws Dome is just a breath away from the library at the background.

Take a respite att his portion of the Japanese-inspired rock garden with La Pazetta fine dining restaurant rear view deck.

It's easy to spot where the Macaw Road is the moment you see the Macaw Dome from afar.

Map of Guimaras